About me, About the Blog

 When I start to write, my words reach places never deemed possible. For this reason I have chosen to share this blog as my Body Book project. As you may all have noticed I am not one of many words during class discussions, never have been, never will be. It is a bit unfortunate seeing as the problem arises from being at a constant loss for words in verbal form, my thoughts taking on a life of their own, racing and jumbling, refusing to be born, and thus all is lost and I can't seem to express myself clearly. Nevertheless, the issue has not taken away from my ability to learn, and I can definitely say I have learned a great deal throughout the semester; festering new knowledge both on academic and personal grounds. You see, I have formulated many new found insights that have led me on a path of self-exploration, a path which I fell off of a while back, but thankfully this course has pushed me even harder to look inside myself, to awaken that part of me that was being influenced by my many unconscious projections. This blog is therefore an expression of all I have learned both inside the classroom doors as well as outside. But in taking on a blog, one must remember it is a continuous account and therefore simply impossible to express all that one is and all that one has learned in such a limited amount of time. I did however do the best that I could to get the many topics I want to share up and running, but I would like to add that for me this project does not end today. I will continue to expand, add on, and update as time goes on. I want my thoughts, opinions, confessions, triumphs...whatever it may be to fall in front of not only myself, but of others who may benefit as well. I intend to conjoin some of my writings from the action project journal-which I also composed in form of a blog, to this one. By doing so, one will be able to better understand my story, my hardships, my aspirations, and my goals.
            Furthermore, I would like to briefly introduce you to the going abouts of my blog. I created a few topic pages with links to their corresponding websites; these can be found on the top right hand side. The topics range from authors we have studied in class to meditation practices, Buddhism, self-help tools, exercises that integrate both body and soul, real words of those struggling with eating disorders, organic food recipes, outside resource guides for anyone interested in the NYC area, and a few others. Along with this I have also posted on the main home page things which I find beneficial to the everyday individual. These include guides to healthy living, positive ways to look at life, tips, projects, and poetry that may be of inspiration. As I previously mentioned, writing is one way in which I self express, but I would like to add that so too is art. As one navigates through my blog, they will stubble upon may different images. These images- whether it be in form of photographs, words, paintings etc. are all embodiments of ways I choose to self-express, things which encourage and inspire me, things that keep me going and heal my wounds. To me, art is something that shares so many words without having to speak at all. Art therapy itself being a practice I hope to one day have up and running in order to better assist others on their own journeys to self-restoration. I guess for now this is a good place to start :). And with that said, my overall hope is to simply share these resources with anyone willing to stop and read. It is my contribution to the spreading of awareness, an awareness that needs to be acknowledged more often, for I know to some extent we all deal with issues regarding the body, mind, and soul. Hopefully these techniques will allow you to look inward and relieve yourself of any stressors, problems, and other difficulties in your life....hopefully they will serve as a way to help you awaken,  just as they did for me.